Interflora flowers

Unconventional flowers

It’s true that most men will buy red roses for their partners on Valentine’s Day, but that might not be what they want. There are so many wonderful, exotic flowers out there so it might be time to try something new. Flowers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and many of them have wonderful meanings too. Here are a few beautiful alternatives to the classic rose.

Which flowers to choose

  • Calla lilies – These elegant flowers are beautiful and look wonderful in modern bouquets.
  • Orchids – These exotic flowers comes in all sorts of shades, but the most striking are the pink varieties.
  • Gladioli – Like calla lilies, these have long stems making them perfect for statement bouquets. They also come in a variety of colours so you can choose your partner’s favourite.
  • Peonies – Peonies are often described as ‘pregnant roses’ as they have several layers of petals. They are beautifully simple and elegant.
  • Tulips – These are a declaration of love and perfect for any occasion.

How to achieve the look

  • Perfect colours – Choose flowers in varying shades of your loved one’s favourite colour. Mix and match different varieties of blooms and tie with a pretty ribbon.
  • Commitment – A gesture of long-lasting love could be a pot plant. Orchids are exotic and bloom for many months.
  • An unusual gift – There are some flowers out there that are harder to get hold of than others. Although there are no true blue flowers, you can get some that are very close. Blue flowers are calming and empowering and you should speak to your florist about sending a bouquet of them to your loved one.
  • Secret admirer – Acacias are the perfect flower to send if you want to let someone know of your secret admiration as they represent unspoken love.
  • The real message – If you don’t feel confident that your loved one will understand the meaning of the flowers you are giving them or the message you are trying to send then why not personalise a card with some honest and heartfelt words.

Did you know?

The Victorians had their own language of flowers, called floriography. A little knowledge gives you the chance to give flowers that have special meanings to you and your loved one:

  • Joy – For a joyful bouquet choose flowers such as crocus, gardenia and calendula.
  • Friendship – If your partner is your best friend then give Chrysanthemums, Acacia and Geraniums.
  • Passion – Give Azaleas or any red flower to show your true feelings.
  • Loyalty – This should be part of every relationship, so opt for sunflowers or daisies.
  • Beauty – For the beautiful person in your life choose Hibiscus, Calla lilies or Magnolias.

Colours can reflect a person’s personality and characteristics. Red, for example, represents a passionate person, while pink is associated with someone who is affectionate. If you’ve chosen flowers based on their meanings, then make sure you let your loved one know on the card that goes with the bouquet. They’ll be thrilled to know you’ve been so thoughtful.