Interflora flowers

Flowers by colour

Flowers come in a variety of colours, with shades ranging from purest white to almost black. Their pigment can be affected by species, environment, time of year and diet so there is always plenty of choice when searching within a specific colour group.

From red roses on Valentine’s Day or white calla lilies at a wedding, colour has as an important a role as scent, style and shape. Every colour can evoke a different emotion within us and they can help improve our mood or give us a boost when we need it most.

Here you can search for flowers by colour and browse the various species of flower that you’ll find under that selection. Whether you’re looking for a loved one’s favourite colour for a birthday, or looking to cheer someone up, you’ll find the perfect colour right here.

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  • Black flowers

    Technically, there are no ‘black’ flowers in nature, only very dark shades of red, purple and blue. However, the distinctive look of the ‘black’ flower has led it to become one of the most popular colour choices for arrangements and displays, particularly at Halloween. Black flowers make a particular strong statement and are associated with…

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  • Blue flowers

    Blue flowers can vary from pale baby blue to deep midnight shades and are associated with serenity and calm. Lighter blues represent clear skies and clear water and conjure up images of the great outdoors, while darker shades symbolise truth and meditation, helping you to focus and work through problems. Some of the more well-known…

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  • Brown flowers

    Somewhat less common than other colours, brown flowers are a popular choice during the autumn months and variation in shades ranges from pale tan to dark mahogany. In Feng Shui, brown is the colour of nature, food and the circle of life, and such are perfectly suited to the kitchen and living room areas; anywhere…

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  • Cream flowers

    Cream flowers signify thoughtfulness and charm and blend well with different colours to create striking arrangements. Their stylish and delicate shades make them ideal for weddings and romantic engagements, especially when contrasted with a bold colour such as red or purple. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, cream flowers can be found in…

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  • Green flowers

    Green flowers may not have the visual impact that some of its brighter counterparts possess but its natural hues are a symbol for growth and good health. Carnations, roses and tulips all come in varying shades of green and they are a popular choice for spring and summer arrangements. Green flowers represent natural beauty and…

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  • Orange flowers

    Synonymous with autumn arrangements, Halloween and bonfire night; orange flowers are a symbol of energy and confidence. Ranging from delicate pale shades to vibrant hues, orange flowers can be found in most flower species, including roses, marigold and freesia.   When you’re looking to add some fire to your garden without needing a bucket of…

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  • Peach flowers

    Peach is a soft and natural choice when it comes to selecting flowers by colour and its neutral shade means that it fits in well with most colour combinations. The varieties of flowers that include peach shades vary almost as much as the various shades and tones do, with gerbera, lilies and carnations all featuring…

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  • Pink flowers

    When looking for a symbol of young love and happiness, pink flowers are a perfect choice and are best when given at engagements, weddings and anniversaries. Pink flowers are available in a number of varieties, from allium and lilies, to dahlia and orchids and represent spring and new growth in nature.   Available most of…

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  • Purple flowers

    Ranging from pale lilac to deep indigo, purple flowers symbolise balance and loyalty and can look visually striking in any flower arrangement. It is also a colour that celebrates accomplishment or achievement and therefore is a wonderful gift for someone who has realised an ambition or achieved something amazing recently. You can find purple flowers…

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  • Red flowers

    One of the most iconic flowers in history belongs in this category and that is the red rose. In cultures across the world, red roses are seen as a symbol of love and passion. There are a number of other species that also include red roses, from delicate anemone to the robust spray carnation. A…

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