Interflora flowers

Flowers by scent

In nature, plants and flowers use scent to attract birds and insects to them in order to pollenate. As each bird, bee or insect lands on a flower it picks up pollen and, when it lands on the next flower, it leaves some behind while taking away new pollen.

Scent is also used as a deterrent to stop herbivores from eating the plant. By producing a foul or bitter scent, the flower can put off potential predators and warn creatures that they don’t taste very nice. This has no effect on insects however as they are attracted to less appealing aromas.

Because flowers cannot move about in order to spread their seeds, they rely on birds and insects to do the work for them. Whether it’s attracting insects to a pollen-rich stamen or producing seed-laden fruit for birds to eat, plants and flowers rely on the rest of nature to help them procreate. For the majority of flowers and plants, it is their scent that helps them to achieve this and every fragrance is attuned to the right creature that the flower requires. For example, flowers that need bees to pollenate produce a sweet, fruity scent that attracts insects throughout the day.

Floral scents are one of the most popular smells that people like to enjoy, and it has been discovered that certain fragrances can have an effect on our emotions and wellbeing.

Listed below is a selection of the most popular scents; simply click on your favourite to find out more information about the flowers and plants that produce it.

  • Aromatic

    These flowers are often describes as ‘herbal’ and the scent itself can be used to promote good health and well-being. For this reason, you will typically find them in bedrooms as some can be used to help with a good night’s sleep. Lavender – a relaxing scent that promotes good sleep Dill (Anethum graveolens) –…

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  • Citrus

    Bright and refreshing, citrus scents have a great ability to rejuvenate and lift your mood. Place them anywhere in your home and you’ll feel the benefits of light, clean fragrance all day long. Mimosa (Acacia) – has a light, lemony fragrance Wax flower (Chamelaucium) – produces a delicate lemon and marzipan scent Eucharis – a…

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  • Exotic

    One of the strongest scents available but just as lovely; exotic, or ‘heavy’, scents are ideal for bathrooms, particularly when you want to have a long hot bath, clear your mind and drift away. Gardenia – known for its ‘clean’ floral scent Oriental lily – especially ‘Casablanca’, ‘Le Reve’ and ‘Stargazer’ have a heady and…

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  • Floral

    Flowers with a floral scent have a light and sometimes sweet aroma that is particular pleasing to humans. They are usually placed in kitchens when displayed in the home as their fragrance won’t affect the taste of food. Carnation – a light and sweet floral fragrance Freesia – a popular flower with a delicate and…

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  • Spicy

    These stronger scented flowers and plants can have an almost peppery smell to them and often create a warm and comforting atmosphere. Conservatories, living rooms and sun rooms are a good place to display them as you sit and relax in the afternoon. Chrysanthemum– has a deep, musky fragrance Florists’ broom(Genista) – a pleasant, slightly…

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