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Plant common names

Common names of plants also have a strong connection to folklore and legend and there are some names that immediately conjure up a picture in our minds when we hear them. Mistletoe is a plant that is synonymous with Christmas and first kisses and is hung in doorways all over the world in December, while cherry blossom trees give us an indication that spring is here.

Typically, plants are given their common names based on one or more of the three categories below:

The spider plant has long thin leaves that look like spider legs, while the fishbone fern has narrow, widely spaced fronds that look like fish bones.

What they produce
Many plants receive their common names by what grows on them. Banana plants grow bananas, rubber plants produce rubber, and so on. They also receive their common names by having a distinctive look or fragrance that inspires people.

Myths and legends
The Mandrake is a plant with a long and mysterious history. It is said that you should never pull a mandrake from the ground as its shriek will kill you.

Here you will find Interflora’s list of plants’ common names so have a browse and discover the wonderful and fascinating world of plants for yourself.