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Plants by style

For every style of interior design, as well as every mood, there is the perfect house plant ready and waiting to enhance your home.

As well as bringing colour and fragrance into your house, houseplants can be tailored to match any design scheme. In this section, you’ll find advice on the best plants to use for your theme, as well as care tips, little-known facts and advice on how to achieve the perfect look for your home.

Browse through the selection below to find the ideal houseplant to suit your style, as well as a few you may not even have thought of.

  • Victorian and Edwardian

    The cool, dark rooms of the Victorian era ideally suited ferns, to the extent that there were fashion crazes for planting ferneries at the time. Typically the Edwardian era is best summed by the aspidistra, a sturdy and long-lived plant with long, dark leaves. Rex begonias, too, with their deep metallic colouring, tone well with…

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  • Neutral and natural

    Designing your indoor space can be taken to new heights when you include carefully chosen plants. Against a neutral colour scheme, brightly coloured plants can add welcome highlights, while white-flowering plants can enhance the sense of minimalism and calm. Using plants to achieve a unified interior design Plan ahead – Decide early on in your…

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  • Modern and minimal

    A contemporary interior design – built on clean lines and a minimalist approach to items in the room – calls for plants that are simple and graphic by nature. Then, their bold and dramatic shapes will add focal points without compromising the overall design of your interior space. Using plants to achieve the look Less…

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  • Mediterranean

    The Mediterranean remains a popular holiday destination, thanks to its intoxicating mix of vibrant culture, bright colours, wonderful food and fabulous weather. Few of us can be on vacation all year round, but it is possible to recreate the feel of the Mediterranean in your own home or garden. How to achieve the Mediterranean look…

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  • Funky

    A funky approach to interior design can be enhanced hugely with the right plants and flowers. Clashing colours, interesting shapes and unusual varieties can make for an unusual and fun interior. Using plants to achieve the look Keep it personal – by surrounding yourself with things you love you are essentially becoming the curator of…

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  • Events

    Flowers have always been a traditional way to send messages. Some show feelings of love while others are simply sent to put a smile on a loved one’s face. There are a number of key occasions when, traditionally, flowers are sent. Here’s a rundown of those occasions and the perfect flowers to send. Valentine’s Day…

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  • Ethnic

    Large plants with impact are needed with the heavy dark furniture and ornate fabrics so typical of this style of interior design. Go for outsize palms and large-leaved tropical houseplants, particularly philodendrons. There are many different palm species available that work well indoors, including Chamaerops, Areca and Rhapis. Look for brass planters, wooden tubs and…

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  • Country cottage

    Cottages and rustic-style homes suit a loose, informal style of plant. Good ones to try are campanula, ferns, pot roses, indoor jasmine and ivy. Terracotta and painted wood ensure your containers are perfectly in keeping with the style. Using plants to achieve the look Mix and match – The key to a country cottage look is…

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  • Boudoir chic

    More and more of us are viewing our bedroom as a place to truly unwind. The trend for Boudoir Chic reflects this desire for a space that provides a relaxing, comfortable oasis of calm. But elegant, ultra-feminine interiors deserve the right kind of houseplant. How to achieve a look of Boudoir Chic Keep it tidy…

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