Interflora flowers

Country cottage

Campanula Country CottageCottages and rustic-style homes suit a loose, informal style of plant. Good ones to try are campanula, ferns, pot roses, indoor jasmine and ivy. Terracotta and painted wood ensure your containers are perfectly in keeping with the style.

Using plants to achieve the look

Mix and match – The key to a country cottage look is variety. A traditional cottage garden breaks all the rules of garden design in that it creates the illusion that there isn’t any design. This is the approach indoors too. Mix and match your wallpapers, fabrics, lighting and, of course, your flowers and plants.

Think rustic – Antique pots will add to the feel of the outdoors brought indoors. Old-style watering cans make wonderfully eccentric planters.

Plant stands – Wrought-iron plant stands painted in a Victorian white can really dress up corners of the room when used to display some fresh flowers from the garden

Perfect colours – Colour schemes for country home and cottage interiors are inspired by nature and, of course, evoke the feel of the English cottage garden. Select soft blue hues, fresh greens, rose pinks and hazy lavender. A touch of yellow adds summer warmth and chalky lime white tones makes for the perfect country style backdrop.

Plants and flowers to consider

  • Miniature RosesMiniature roses are in fact true roses but bred to stay petite. Most also have smaller flowers than standard rose bushes, but do come in a variety of types and colors. Despite their diminutive stature, miniature roses are extremely hardy and tend to be profuse repeat bloomers. They look wonderful scattered around the room in antique planters.
  • Jasmine Most of the indoor jasmines grown today actually originated in tropical Asia and parts of China. Choose Jasmine for their beautiful, heady fragrance.
  • Rosemary Typical of many an English cottage garden, Rosemary is one of the most decorative herbs and worth growing for its appearance alone. Dependent on the variety, it has small, profuse flowers appearing in late spring, which range from dark blue through pale blue right down to white.
  • Geranium The delicate flowers of the Geranium work well in a room with a country cottage theme, those with lavender blue blooms in particular providing delightful splashes of colour.
  • Lavender Lavender makes such an attractive and useful indoor plant. When kept in a sunny window, it imbibes a room with a unique fresh fragrance. French lavender (Lavendula dententa) adapts well to an indoor environment, remaining slightly smaller than its outdoor counterpart. Potted lavender can also be a part-time visitor to country cottage living room, spending the winter indoors.

For an authentic country cottage look that echoes the feel of an English garden, mix and match flower varieties in single pots, planting complimentary colours in one container.