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Cacti Mediterranean

The Mediterranean remains a popular holiday destination, thanks to its intoxicating mix of vibrant culture, bright colours, wonderful food and fabulous weather. Few of us can be on vacation all year round, but it is possible to recreate the feel of the Mediterranean in your own home or garden.

How to achieve the Mediterranean look at home

Terracotta pots – For a flavour of the Mediterranean, group pots together in different sizes to create a feature in your conservatory or garden. The pots can be brightly painted or rough terracotta. Bright bold plants are the order here – oleander, kalanchoë, bougainvillea and cacti look great in colour-washed rooms. Pelargoniums (geraniums) are also typical of the region.

Bold colours – Your chosen plants should burn with the fire of the Mediterranean. Go for vibrant reds, oranges and yellows, perfect if you want to recreate a glorious sunset.

Go Natural – Wood and brick flowerbeds work well in Mediterranean styles, as do stone and sand colours. Go for natural materials wherever possible for a casual, relaxed look.

Plants and flowers to grow

  • Euphorbia griffithii ‘Fireglow’ – its red-orange flowers will give your borders a much-needed boost.
  • Brachyglottis – aptly named ‘Sunshine’, this yellow-flowering plant will brighten up your garden.
  • Lemon trees – These can grow well in the UK, as long as you give them a little extra care and attention. Special citrus plant food can be purchased from most garden centres and you must keep it protected from frost
  • Rangoon Creeper – A great climbing plant that will work well on trellises and fences. Its bright red flowers bloom in the early summer to late autumn
  • Californian Poppy – Fiery orange flowers will be on show throughout the summer and the plant itself is hardy and needs only minimum attention


You’ll often find mosaic tiles used in Mediterranean gardens, where they often decorate walls, tables, and pots. An economical way of achieving a similar look is to use broken crockery and stained glass or even seashells. Simply use mosaic adhesive and sanded grout found in craft and tile stores. Instruction manuals will provide an array of design ideas as well.