Interflora flowers

Neoregha Funky

A funky approach to interior design can be enhanced hugely with the right plants and flowers. Clashing colours, interesting shapes and unusual varieties can make for an unusual and fun interior.

Using plants to achieve the look

Keep it personal – by surrounding yourself with things you love you are essentially becoming the curator of your own space. Mix and match using contrasting colours or even those that clash violently. Rip up the rule book and put bright red flowers in a pink vase or orange ones in a purple pot.

Be bold – Contrast flowers with your colour scheme. Select a colour that sits opposite on the colour wheel to create a vibrant contrast. Red contrasts brilliantly with green, purple with yellow, blue with orange and so on. Or, if you’re feeling really bold, go for a triadic colour scheme, where you pick three points on the wheel.

Shape is as important as colour – Pick flowers and plants that are interesting to look at and have quirky and unusual shapes. Orchids, cyclamen and money plants work particularly well. As long as you keep texture and shape in mind, you’ll create something truly funky.

Go potty – An alternative approach is to choose plants and flowers that are fairly neutral and allow the pot or vase to make the statement. Bring the outdoors in by choosing a large pot that would most usually be used on a terrace or choose something unusually shaped, vibrantly patterned or in a contrasting or clashing shade.

Plants and flowers to consider

  • Bromeliads – There are countless varieties of Bromeliad to choose from. The most well known is a pineapple, but they come in all shapes and sizes from tiny to absolutely huge. This means, there’s something for every type of interior from a studio flat to a mansion. Make sure you look for a spiky variety or one that resembles a long leafy grass to enhance the funky interior scheme.
  • Orchids – Although often thought of as exotic and expensive, orchids are in fact the most popular plants in the UK. Their unusual shapes, beautiful flowers and vibrant colours make them absolutely perfect for those looking to create an interior look with a difference.
  • Cyclamen Cyclamen are members of the Primulaceae family and can be found in countries as diverse as Switzerland and Turkey. The contrast between the leaves and flowers is great, lending them an unusual look and making them fit well in a scheme that showcases bright colour and bold shapes.
  • Kalanchoe There are more than 100 plants in the Kalanchoe family, but there are only a few which are regularly seen in homes. Modern varieties are prized for their interesting leaf forms and gorgeous flowers. They love sunlight and are the perfect addition to a windowsill in a bold interior.
  • Snap dragons Reminiscent of childhood summers, these beautiful flowers can be grown outdoors and then cut for use in the home. A single plant can produce up to eight blossom spikes during a summer, making them ideal for anyone who likes to appreciate flowers both inside and out. They are fun and cute, and can grow quite tall, making them a brilliant addition to a colourful quirky scheme.


Go all out for colour. If you’re not sure what works, play around with a colour wheel or cut out pictures from a magazine and make a mood board.