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There are between 300,000 and 400,000 species of plant in the world today and they are an integral part of our ecosystem. Providing oxygen to the air and food for humans and wildlife, plants are the building blocks of life on Earth. From the microscopic algae to the giant sequoia, plants inhabit every continent and virtually every body of water on the planet.

Most plants obtain their energy from sunlight via photosynthesis using chlorophyll, which gives them their distinctive green colour. They grow wild across the world and are popular as houseplants and in our gardens.

Here, you can find Interflora’s guide to plant life and the various wonderful species you may come across in your lifetime.

  • Plants by name

    Here you can look through a variety of interesting facts about all the plants we have listed. From herbalism and health, to hidden meanings and ancient rituals, you can find out the origins of a plant as well as some of its more distinctive features. Many plants have stories about them based in mythology, history…

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  • Plants by colour

    Although most of us only see green when thinking of plants, there is a far broader spectrum of colours out there than you may imagine. Although plants do tend to be green in colour due to the chlorophyll inside, plants have pink, red, white, yellow, or even highly patterned leaves. Some plants, like Begonia Rex,…

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  • Plant common names

    Common names of plants also have a strong connection to folklore and legend and there are some names that immediately conjure up a picture in our minds when we hear them. Mistletoe is a plant that is synonymous with Christmas and first kisses and is hung in doorways all over the world in December, while…

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  • Plant botanical names

    Plants receive their botanical names in order to be officially classified and organised in terms of family, genus and species. Latin is most commonly used when designating a plant’s botanical name. Historically, this was due to the fact that Latin was an internationally recognised language and was even taught in schools. There are also a…

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  • What’s my plant

    When you bring a plant home for the first time, it can be quite a new experience. All the research in the world sometimes can’t get you ready for what your plant may produce. When something new starts to grow, you may start to ask ‘is that normal?’ or perhaps there is something wrong. Knowing…

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  • Plants by style

    For every style of interior design, as well as every mood, there is the perfect house plant ready and waiting to enhance your home. As well as bringing colour and fragrance into your house, houseplants can be tailored to match any design scheme. In this section, you’ll find advice on the best plants to use…

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  • Plants for health

    Plants are good for our health in a variety of ways, from making the air we breathe safer, to producing natural remedies for sickness and ailments. Studies have concluded that plants are good for your overall health – physically, emotionally and psychologically, and there are a number of ways you can benefit every day from…

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  • Plants by month

    Interflora has put together a comprehensive list of the plants you may be able to find throughout the year. Separated by month, you can search for your desired plant by its common name or botanical name and find out which month will give you your best chance at finding one. Please note that this is…

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