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Flower personality

Just as there are many different kinds of flower in the world; people have a variety of ways they can express themselves. Our personality shapes who we are and every day can be different when it comes to our moods and our outlooks on life.

For every change in your day, there is a flower personality to match. Whether you’re feeling bright and breezy or serene and reflective, we have gathered to perfect flowers to compliment your emotions.

Click on one of our selections below and find out how you can bring flowers into your home that can inspire, relax or rejuvenate you.

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  • Traditional Flower Techniques

    In our modern world of electric gadgets, GPS trackers, smart phones and convenience appliances, you can often forget that not that long ago people worked in their gardens and homes without any kind of electronic help; just their own two hands and plenty of elbow grease. If you fancy going retro and bringing the past…

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  • Simple pleasures

    It can be so wonderful when a fabulous bouquet arrives on a birthday, anniversary or another special occasion. But more and more of us are also choosing to buy flowers for ourselves. That’s because they can cheer us up, freshen up a room beautifully or provide a welcome splash of colour in our lives. Which…

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  • Natural inspiration

    Flowers are a wonderful way to bring the beauty of nature into your home – and to keep in touch with the changing seasons. Autumn lilies, crab apples, bittersweet berries and gladioli, for example, are all perfect for a home where you want to bring the outdoors in. Which flowers to choose Gladioli – These…

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  • Unconventional flowers

    It’s true that most men will buy red roses for their partners on Valentine’s Day, but that might not be what they want. There are so many wonderful, exotic flowers out there so it might be time to try something new. Flowers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and many of them have…

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  • Summer garden inspiration

    Bringing flowers inside is a great way to experience nature when you might not have a particularly large garden or perhaps none at all. Summer is a good time to get fresh flowers as they come in myriad bright colours and there’s a wide choice available. Which flowers to choose Here are some of our…

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  • Modern flower designs

    Flower arranging has moved on leaps and bounds from the traditional triangular arrangements in baskets. This display features hot pink Carnations cut very short and palest blue Muscari held in place with postcard clips, each attached to tiny squares of coloured florist foam resting in a shallow tray of water. This is an arrangement for…

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  • Flowers for festivals

    Flowers are used in so many different carnivals and parades because they give colour and life to displays and are often used in costumes and on floats. Which flowers to choose Flowers to be used during a carnival need to be hardy to withstand being pinned to costumes. Here are a few ideas. Orchids –…

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  • Worldwide Flowers

    Flowers can be sourced from all around the world, offering so much choice and variety. We can now enjoy exotic plants from far-flung corners of the world and, of course, the many varieties grown right here in the UK. Which flowers to choose Some flowers make you instantly think of a place. Holland, for example,…

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  • Fire and spice flowers

    Red, orange and yellow flowers are strong and uplifting and can lend a room a sense of warmth and drama. They represent strength, confidence and passion. Which flowers to choose There are so many flower types out there that are perfect for this look. Roses – Roses come in all these colours, the red shades…

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  • Simple elegance with flowers

    Long-stemmed flowers are interesting, elegant and work wonderfully in modern flower arrangements. Because of their size they can also add height and texture to all sorts of designs. Which flowers to choose To create a similar look you should ask your florist for some long-stemmed flowers. Here are a few. Roses – Long-stemmed red roses…

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