Interflora flowers

Simple elegance with flowers

Long-stemmed flowers are interesting, elegant and work wonderfully in modern flower arrangements. Because of their size they can also add height and texture to all sorts of designs.

Which flowers to choose

To create a similar look you should ask your florist for some long-stemmed flowers. Here are a few.

  • Roses – Long-stemmed red roses are beautiful symbols of romance and passion.
  • Calla lilies – These flowers represent elegance, charm and grace.
  • Dahlias – These add splashes of colour to bouquets but they should be used soon after cutting because the stems will need trimming every day to keep them fresh.
  • Carnations – These are one of the most popular cut flowers as they last extremely well.
  • Gladioli – These are mainly grown for cutting purposes and they can be seen at over a metre in height.

How to achieve the look

Creating a modern, unusual look with long stemmed flowers is easy.

  • Choose the right flowers – Calla lilies are elegant and sophisticated while bright dahlias in a mixture of colours are more about fun and cheer.
  • Don’t forget the foliage – Long-leaved plants, such as aspidistras, work well.
  • Use lights – Big vases full of long-stemmed flowers can be lit up with lights to draw attention to a particular part of the display.
  • Use texture – Use different shapes and sizes of flowers and combine long-stemmed flowers with smaller ones to add drama.
  • Always remove the stamens on lilies – They can stain the flower and anything else they come into contact with. Doing this also makes the flower last a bit longer.

Did you know?

  • Long-stemmed flowers are often used in wedding arrangements as extravagant and unusual displays are becoming more and more popular.
  • It’s said that carnations first grew on Earth from Mary’s tears as she watched Jesus carry the cross.
  • Because tall stems have more leaves, you should keep an eye on these to make sure none fall off and pollute the water as they decompose.