Interflora flowers

Dare to wear flowers

If you’re going to a party, why not create a unique and beautiful look by using flowers as stunning and individual ornaments. Fashion designers have long used floral patterns and prints in their garments, but real flowers are the best way to create a fashion statement.

Which flowers to choose

  • Baby’s Breath – Perfect for weddings or summer gatherings, it’s great worn in the hair or on a headband.
  • Miniature roses – These look gorgeous woven into hair or as an accent on a choker or headband.
  • Daisies – Well, you can’t make daisy chains without them.
  • Small sunflowers – Ideal if you’re trying to achieve a laid-back, slightly hippie vibe.
  • Ivy ­– Add a bit of greenery and a romantic feel to your look with some carefully chosen ivy.

How to achieve the look

  • Make a flower choker – Either sew a fresh flower on to a piece of velvet for a vintage feel or use a torque – a metal choker. If you go for the latter, you need to bind the stem of the flower to the torque with a little florist’s wire. You can also wind a long daisy chain around a torque to create something pretty and unique.
  • Create a floral headband – Not just for weddings, a floral headband can look fantastic instead of a hat for events such as a smart garden party or a day at the races. Equally, if you choose dark and dramatic flowers you can add a real sense of drama to your look at an evening party or ball. To create the look you can sew or stick robust fresh flowers to a fabric Alice band or create an arrangement to wear like an 80s-style headband. Or you can simply weave flowers into the hair.
  • Fresh flower combs – Weather you want to wear your hair in a French pleat or just add some colour to your style, combs are brilliant. Simply trim the stems and then thread them through the teeth of the comb, before placing it in your hair.

Did you know?

  • The supermarket Asda created a dress out of 1,725 fresh flowers to encourage customers to treat themselves on Valentine’s Day. The whole dress weighed over two stone and took 170 hours to make.
  • Traditionally, Hawaiians wear leis made of flowers – and often other materials such as shells, nuts and feathers. The Maile lei was the most significant as it was used to signify peace between opposing chiefs.
  • More and more designers are using real flowers in fashion, especially in the wedding industry. Designer Zita Elze created a stunning wedding dress with a skirt was made from soft grass and the bodice from tiny flower buds.