Interflora flowers

Flowers for your home

Flowers shouldn’t just be reserved for the conservatory or living room mantelpiece. There’s a place for flowers in every room in the house.

Which flowers to choose

• Tulips – These look great on a windowsill or mantelpiece. They come in a variety of colours and can be matched with your home décor.
• Carnations – They last for a good while and are very popular. They’d make a wonderfully welcoming sight in any entrance hall.
• Roses – These would look fabulous on the dining room table, adding a touch of romance to an evening meal.
• Cyclamen – Red flowers in the office are great for its feng shui as they are said to help to ‘stabilise career and reputation’.
• Daffodils – Their bright yellow flowers can add cheer to otherwise dull rooms, so perhaps place them in a spot that doesn’t get much natural light.

How to achieve the look

They brighten up rooms, clean the air and cheer us up, so flowers should be used in every room possible. Here are some combinations that work really well.

• Bathroom – Flowers that match your colour scheme could work very nicely. Daffodils are particularly cheery.
• Kitchen – If you have a sunny windowsill in the kitchen then you should grow some herbs. Perhaps mint, thyme, rosemary, oregano or coriander. All are also great for adding a little flavour to your culinary exploits.
• Home office – You’ll probably want to be working and not tending to plants in the office, so choose something simple such as Caladium (also called ‘elephant ears’), which has brightly coloured leaves. Or perhaps decorate the office with the colourful kalanchoe or spiky sanservieria.
• Entrance hall – This is the first thing people see when they walk into your home and a bouquet of bright Gerberas or highly scented Sweet Peas will definitely make a good first impression.

Did you know?

• Denise Richards keeps flowers in her bathroom to improve the room’s feng shui and to create harmony in her life.
• Plants help to control the humidity in the air. Generally, when it’s too low we are more vulnerable to viral infections; when it’s too high you could be vulnerable to other diseases. Plants can also help reduce sound levels, making for a more peaceful working or resting environment.
• When The Smiths appeared on television’s Top of the Pops, frontman Morrissey danced around with flowers in his back pocket.