Interflora flowers

Modern flower designs

Flower arranging has moved on leaps and bounds from the traditional triangular arrangements in baskets. This display features hot pink Carnations cut very short and palest blue Muscari held in place with postcard clips, each attached to tiny squares of coloured florist foam resting in a shallow tray of water. This is an arrangement for someone who likes to break with tradition and try new things.

Which flowers to choose

  • Amaryllis – The strong geometric lines of the stem of the Amaryllis make a real style statement in modern glass vases. The flowers, too, are bold and striking.
  • Steel Grass – Trimmed, tied and shaped, Steel Grass can provide a stunning frame for contemporary flower arrangements.
  • Calla Lilly – Go for the black variety, which are rarer than the white and far more dramatic. The trumpet-like shape, dark colour and long stems work well alone or in a mixed bouquet.
  • Muscari – Best known as the Grape Hyacinth, these plants are so reliable and undemanding that they are taken for granted. They need no special care and will flower freely. The attractive bright blue flower spikes are perfectly contemporary in their uniformity.
  • Madonna Lily – A glossy leafed plant with white spathe-shaped flowers on long stems, this can make a dramatic impression in tall glass containers.

How to achieve the look

It’s all in the design – Modern arrangements are often inspired by Asian styles of flower design. Creativity, free style and asymmetry are all used in modern flower arrangements.

  • Accessorise – Use accessories to achieve the modern look. Crystals, glass and metal stems all work towards creating an arrangement with real modernity, as do beads and diamanté pins. Mixing textures creates a contemporary look, so the hardness of metal against soft flowers offers a contrast that is very much of the moment.
  • Choose the right container – A contemporary flower arrangement simply won’t fit within a traditional vase or pot. Instead, go for ultra-modern, ultra-chic materials and shapes. Glass and metals with a polished sheen work really well.
  • Keep it natural – Stone bowls are very on-trend right now and offer the perfect container for a shallow floral display. You can either go for an entirely neutral display by choosing flowers of similar shades to the stone mixed with white and creams, or go for a real contrast by using strong reds.
  • Simplicity – For the ultimate in magical minimalism, try floating flower petals or whole flower heads in water within a flat modern glass vase. Lotus Blossoms work beautifully.
  • Experiment – Test tubes make wonderful vases – you can use them in a number of ways and all look strikingly modern. Whether you choose to mount them on a wall, put them in a holder or suspend them from string, a single bloom in a test tube makes a real style statement.

Did you know?

Flower arranging began with the Egyptians, who used traditional flowers for temple offerings and banquet table decorations and at times for garlands and wreaths for guests. Lotus, Acacia, Roses, Water Lilies, Violets, Madonna Lillies, Narcissus, Jasmine, Poppies and especially the sacred Lotus Blossom were among the flowers used.