Interflora flowers

Flowers for festivals

Flowers are used in so many different carnivals and parades because they give colour and life to displays and are often used in costumes and on floats.

Which flowers to choose

Flowers to be used during a carnival need to be hardy to withstand being pinned to costumes. Here are a few ideas.

  • Orchids – As long as these are kept cool before they are worn they should stay looking bright and fresh.
  • Carnations – Although these are a little more delicate than roses, they last well out of water.
  • Chrysanthemums – These big blooms lend themselves well to flower arranging because they are so large.
  • Gerberas – Because these come in so many different colours, they work well in patterned floats and costumes.
  • Begonias – Perfect for public displays. In fact, they are used to create an amazing flower carpet every couple of years in the centre of Brussels.

How to achieve this look

  • Mistletoe for Christmas – Mistletoe is a long-standing Christmas tradition. It used to be placed in doorways to ward off evil spirits, but is now more usually used to bring potential couples together for a kiss.
  • Mayblossom for May Day – May Day is the time to celebrate the coming of summer. It’s around the time when the trees come into full bloom.
  • Begonias for the Flower Carpet in Brussels – Flower specialists come together once every two years to create a carpet out of roughly 700,000 begonias.
  • Cherry Blossom for Hanami – This is a popular tradition in Japan. The word literally means ‘flower viewing’. It could be as simple as a stroll in the park to appreciate the blossom, but there are also parties and picnics that  take place.

Did you know?

The Rio carnival

There’s a lot of history attached to flowers and this famous carnival. Even in 1935 flowers were being used to decorate floats, along with papier-mâché animals in a wagon.

  • Flowers are still used today despite many people using strong, modern materials to decorate their floats and costumes.
  • In 1855 the Emperor took part in the carnival, along with 80 aristocrats who decorated themselves with flower garlands.
  • The carnival theme extends to flower arranging competitions.