Interflora flowers

Flowers for every occasion

There are so many reasons to send flowers. There are the obvious times, such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, but how about sending some simply because you want to show someone you care about them or perhaps to say thank you fore a kind deed.

Which flowers to choose

There are some flowers that work well in most situations. These are the sorts of flowers you should be asking your florist for.

• Lilies – Lilies cover a number of different occasions. They make wonderful wedding flowers, the more unusual varieties make great gifts and white bouquets and sprays of white lilies are tradition funeral flowers.
• Gerberas – If you want to cheer someone up or spread a bit of colour, then bright gerberas are perfect. They symbolise happiness.
• Roses – Depending on the colour, roses can have all sorts of meanings. Give red ones to the person you love, yellow roses to your friends and pink ones to say thank you.
• Carnations – These come in a number of wonderful colours too. Pinks are perfect to send to your mother and reds are great for a friend’s birthday
• Orchids – These are great for modern bouquets – they’re exotic, colourful and really have that wow factor.

You don’t need a special occasion to send flowers, though. Sending flowers just because you can shows your loved one you are thinking of them and a delivery of fresh flowers can really brighten someone’s day.

Different occasions to think about

If you want to keep buying flowers for family and friends then you’ll need to keep a diary of which events are coming up.

• Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparents’ Day
• Birthdays
• Valentine’s Day
• Graduations
• New babies

Did you know?

• Each month has its own flower. Find out what this is for your loved one’s birthday and a send a bouquet full of that flower.
• People choose their wedding flowers based on their symbolism. For example, orange blossom means purity and chastity.
• It is customary to take a gift of flowers or a plant to the host of a party. In China orchids, bamboo and kumquat trees are popular gifts.