Interflora flowers

Traditional Flower Techniques

In our modern world of electric gadgets, GPS trackers, smart phones and convenience appliances, you can often forget that not that long ago people worked in their gardens and homes without any kind of electronic help; just their own two hands and plenty of elbow grease. If you fancy going retro and bringing the past into your home, simply follow our top tips.

Which flowers to choose

  • Honeysuckle – Climbing plants have been very popular in gardens for decades and can really brighten up your fences and trellises
  • Hawthorn – Before brick walls and fences were commonplace, land boundaries were made by hedgerows instead.
  • Lavender – Not only is this a beautiful flower but is was also used in the home as a fragrance and in cooking.
  • Apple – These trees provided apples for the table and gorgeous flowers in the summer. Almost every garden in the UK had a couple of these.

How to achieve the look

  • True metal – Give your garden a rustic look with wrought iron gates and ornate watering cans.
  • Hard as rock – Putting large stones and rocks in your herb garden adds texture and colour as well as keeping a firm border along the edge.
  • Get into the swing – If you have the space, get an old-fashioned swing seat for your garden and decorate it with climbing plants across the top and down the sides.

Did you know?

  • The term ‘cottage garden’ describes typical English gardens that include natural materials, dense foliage and edible plants and flowers
  • During the Second World War, rationing meant that many people had to grow their own fruit and vegetables and would share them amongst their community
  • If you don’t have the space for your own allotment, you can rent green space from the council or private owners