Interflora flowers

Summer garden inspiration

Bringing flowers inside is a great way to experience nature when you might not have a particularly large garden or perhaps none at all. Summer is a good time to get fresh flowers as they come in myriad bright colours and there’s a wide choice available.

Which flowers to choose

Here are some of our favourite summer flowers that would work well in the home:

  • Sunflowers – The smaller varieties of sunflower look lovely in a simple vase alongside some greenery.
  • Peonies – These look great in bouquets as the stems are strong and they come in a number of colours.
  • Gerberas – These are the epitome of cheerfulness and come in some wonderfully bright shades, from sunny yellow to striking magenta.
  • Crocosmia – These late summer flowers lend themselves well to flower arranging because they have beautiful arching sprays of colourful flowers.
  • Roses – Yellow and orange roses work particularly well in sunny bouquets.

How to achieve the look

As well as having bouquets of flowers throughout your home, there are ways to add a bit of life to even the smallest garden.

  • Hanging baskets – These are a great way to add some quick colour to a small space. Go for geraniums or begonias.
  • Strawberry plants – Attractive and distinctive, they don’t need a lot of room to grow.
  • Cut-and-come-again salad – Add some greenery to your garden and it’s great if you fancy a foray into growing your own food.
  • Sunflowers – They can be grown in a sunny spot and they don’t take up much space although some varieties do grow very tall.

Did you know?

  • Why not challenge your family to a sunflower growing competition. At the beginning of summer you all plant a sunflower. Whichever grows the tallest is the winner. It’s a great way to get kids into gardening.
  • Most plants rely on bees and other insects to transfer pollen from one flower to another in order to set seeds. That’s a worrying fact considering the world’s bee population is falling.
  • Your summer garden is created during spring when you would sow seeds and get on with a number of other garden jobs. All you have to do in the summer is keep your garden tidy and make sure your plants have enough water.