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Flowers for EventsFlowers have always been a traditional way to send messages. Some show feelings of love while others are simply sent to put a smile on a loved one’s face. There are a number of key occasions when, traditionally, flowers are sent. Here’s a rundown of those occasions and the perfect flowers to send.

Valentine’s Day
– These are the traditional flowers to send on Valentine’s Day. They come in so many different colours, not just red. Try mixing the colours for a really stunning bouquet
– This is perfect for new partners as it symbolises the first emotions of love
Red Amarylis
– This is a great alternative to a rose on Valentine’s Day. They are striking in shape and colour, which makes for something truly modern and spectacular

Mother’s Day flowers
– Pink ones are said to come from the Virgin Mary’s tears. Because of this, they are a symbol of a mother’s undying love.
– The iris symbolises affection, which is perfect for Mother’s Day. White or blue are traditionally given but these flowers come in a while rainbow of different colours.
– These are spring flowers that symbolise new life, grace and beauty so they are a popular choice for Mother’s Day.

Father’s Day
– A bunch of bright yellow dahlias symbolise dignity and good taste. They will also brighten up any desk or dining table
– The sweet-smell of these flowers will relax even the busiest dad
– For any dad that loves to cook, herbs would make a great Father’s Day gift

– Easter lilies are most often white to symbolise purity and innocence. They are given at this time of the year to remind us that Jesus was pure and perfect when he died on the cross
– As tulips represent new life, they are a spring flower that’s perfect for Easter
– These are another spring flower that has a lovely meaning: the sun shines when I’m with you.

– These are traditional Christmas plants that originate in Mexico. The red ‘petals’ aren’t actually petals at all but long-lasting leaves, which makes them very popular.
– We all know the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. This is a fun plant to hang in your doorway around the festive season, especially if there’s someone you’d like to kiss!
Christmas Rose
– Named because they often flower during the festive period.

New Year
Bright flowers
– Any bright flowers would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party
Primary colours
– Use flowers such as gerberas in primary colours to match with other decorations such as bunting and party poppers
– Because they add a bit of elegance and colour to any room

– Because they symbolise hope and new beginning, a wonderful flower for a big day
Orange blossom
– These beautiful blooms represent purity and charity
– These are traditional wedding flowers as they symbolise love and affection. They’re also good for anyone who is going with a vintage theme

– Tall lilies can make dramatic centrepieces for any party
– One orchid head could be attached to a place setting as a beautiful and delicate decoration
– These bright flowers are great to brighten up any garden party.

If you don’t know what sort of flowers to get for your event then speak to your florist. They are experts in their field and can recommend all sorts of flowers that would be suitable.