Interflora flowers

Dendrobium Boudoir ChicMore and more of us are viewing our bedroom as a place to truly unwind. The trend for Boudoir Chic reflects this desire for a space that provides a relaxing, comfortable oasis of calm. But elegant, ultra-feminine interiors deserve the right kind of houseplant.

How to achieve a look of Boudoir Chic

Keep it tidy – The most important aspect of creating the ultimate romantic bedroom getaway actually costs nothing at all. If you treat your bedroom as a dumping ground or allow day-to-day reality to intrude (such as by leaving the ironing board up) and your good work will soon be undone

Decide on a theme – Boudoir chic is different from simply creating a romantic bedroom in that the chosen décor, plants, wall coverings, linen, lighting and furniture all tend to reflect a distinct theme. You might go for the sexy edginess of a Moulin Rouge or bordello theme, the soft floral patterns of an English country garden or the elegance of a French chateau. And don’t be afraid to break free from the rest of your decorating scheme. Even if the remainder of the house is pretty straight, in your bedroom you can really let loose.

Plants and flowers to grow

  • Boston fern – With gracefully arching fronds and frilly leaves, Boston ferns act as a natural humidifier. They release moisture into the air and can help remove nasty air pollutants. Go wild with the number in the bedroom and you can create a feeling of the exotic.
  • Kentia Palm – Reminiscent of the Palm Court hotels of the French Riviera, the Kentia Palm can lend your boudoir a little Hollywood glamour. It is a slow grower, but if you are prepared to wait for several years this magnificent palm can get large enough to become a piece of green furniture.
  • Orchid – In the language of flowers, Orchids mean love, beauty and refinement. Perfect, then, for a bedroom where romance is the theme. And there are literally thousands to choose from, so matching the flowers to suit your interior design will be so easy.
  • Fittonia – Native to South America, the Fittonia (or Nerve Plant or Mosaic Plant) has beautiful, deep-green leaves with distinctive vein patterns of white, pink, or red, making it ideal for those looking for natural drama.
  • Peperomia – A compact houseplant, the Peperomia-caperata has short stems covered in heart-shaped green leaves with deep ridges and often blushes subtle of red. In the summer and autumn it can produce slender flower spikes.

Satin sheets are the epitome of boudoir chic, but why not take things to another level by decorating your mirrored dressing table with pretty orchids to match those indulgent bedcovers; hydrangeas and pot roses in pastel shades look sexy and ladylike too. But don’t spoil the effect with cheap plastic pots; they’re fine in themselves, but make sure you hide them inside decorative vases.