Interflora flowers

Lisianthus flowerLisianthus is the name for the cultivated form of the eustoma plant. Commonly referred to as the Texas Bluebell or Blue Field Daisy, these flowers come in purple, lilac, pink and white varieties.

Lisianthus flowers are decorative ornamental plants which can be grown as indoor pot plants or cultivated for use in cut-flower arrangements. The plants can grow from 15cm to as much as 60cm in height depending on conditions. The species is distinguished by its wide, bell-shaped flower heads, oval leaves and blue-tinged stems. Lisianthus flowers can be found in single or double-petal varieties, in either one or two colours.

Originating in the southern United States and South America, the plants are best suited to growing indoors or in a warm climate. The plant grows well in neutral or mildly acidic soils and will thrive in a moist environment with good drainage. Lisianthus flowers are attractive to insects such as butterflies and bees and are more likely to flourish if planted in a sunny area.

Lisianthus plants should be propagated in a warm environment and planted out in late spring, once the last frosts are over. The plant flowers in the summer and early autumn, but can be bought all year round from garden centres.

Lisianthus flowers are of the Grandiflorum species and belong to the Eustoma genus. Lisianthus is one of three species found in the Gentianaceae family.

Care Tips
Lisianthus plants can be quite delicate and should not be exposed to frost. Regular feeding with a slow-release fertiliser will help you to get the best results when growing lisianthus flowers. Lisianthus flowers benefit from support with sticks to help the plants grow upright, making them more suitable for use in decorative flower arrangements.

Did you know?
Lisianthus is said to be a flower representing the characteristics of charisma and congeniality, but in the past was linked more closely to feelings of romantic desire.