Interflora flowers
  • Vanda

    The name Vanda comes from the Urdu name for one of the species, Vanda tessellatta, which has now been adopted as a common name for the whole genus. Description Orchids in the Vanda genus usually display five-petal flowers. Flowers can vary in colour and often come in bright shades such as purple, pink and yellow…

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  • Viburnum-opulus

    Viburnum opulus is more commonly known as the guelder rose. It also has some other common names, including European cranberry bush, red elder and gatten. Description Viburnum opulus is a deciduous shrub which stands erect. It can grow up to five metres and displays three lobed, palmed leaves which resemble maple leaves. In the spring…

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  • Waxflower

    The waxflower is a shrub more commonly known as the Geraldton wax. This is in honour of the Australian town of Geraldton, where it is thought to originate. The Latin name for the plant is chamelaucium uncinatum, with the word uncinatum coming from the Latin for hooked. It is called this because of the tip…

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