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Monstera deliciosa

The Monstera deliciosa is a popular, easy-to-maintain houseplant more commonly known as the Swiss Cheese plant. Its nickname comes from the plant’s leaves, which contain perfect holes and slits, just like Swiss cheese. It is, in fact, a creeping vine, which grows up and around tree trunks in the wild.

This is a tall, leafy plant, which in the right conditions can grow up to eight feet tall. The most striking parts are the plant’s leaves, which are dark green, glossy and can grow rather large as the plant matures. The leaves start as a sort of heart shape, but develop the splits and holes as the plant grows older.

Originally from Mexico, the Monstera deliciosa is found mainly in the warm and damp climate of the rainforests, hence its liking for warm, humid places within the home.

This plant is relatively easy to maintain and grow so remains a popular choice of houseplant. Once you have a healthy plant growing, it is also very simple to take cuttings.

The Monstera deliciosa only comes in one variety and is part of the Araceae family.

Care Tips
In the wild, this vine will drape itself around trees, so when you buy one it will generally come wrapped around a moss-covered pole. The plant needs this support and will get all its nutrients from the moss itself. It will thrive inside, especially in a bright but not too sunny position. It needs regular mistings and the leaves should be cleaned regularly as this will help the plant breathe.

Did You Know?
At around three years of age, the Monstera Deliciosa can flower, producing a white bud similar to a lily, which then goes on to become a fruit. However, flowering isn’t particularly common in the home-grown plants.