Interflora flowers
  • Venus Fly Trap

    Dionaea muscipula, better known as the Venus fly trap, is perhaps the most famous carnivorous plant in the world. This plant gets its nutrition from digesting prey such as insects and arachnids that have become trapped in one of its distinctive cages. These are formed when its leaves close and the outer edges meet. The…

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  • Vriesea

    Vriesea is one of the bromeliad family and are known for their striking flat flower spikes that come in a variety of bright colours. The name is pronounced V-REE-se-a, and was named after an Amsterdam botanist, Willem Hendrik de Vriese. Description The leaves on vriesea plants tend to be large, strap-like and glossy and are…

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  • Vuylstekeara orchid

    The Vuylstekeara orchid is a hybrid of three different orchid genera. It became the first orchid hybrid in the early 1900s and is classed as a Cambria orchid, with Cambria being a generic term for hybrid orchids. Description Vuylstekeara orchids are renowned for lovely sprays of butterfly shaped, small distinctive flowers that can last for…

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