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Vuylstekeara orchid

The Vuylstekeara orchid is a hybrid of three different orchid genera. It became the first orchid hybrid in the early 1900s and is classed as a Cambria orchid, with Cambria being a generic term for hybrid orchids.

Vuylstekeara orchids are renowned for lovely sprays of butterfly shaped, small distinctive flowers that can last for very long periods of time, often for several months. They can be grown in a sheltered garden but make very popular houseplants. Their leaves are a bright green and the shade of the colour is often an indication of the overall health of the plant.

In the wild, orchids can be found in various locations; from woodland clearings and the banks of streams, to rainforest locations. In the rainforest, orchids have had to find a way to rise up above the canopy to find the light they require and can often be found using the trunks and branches of other vegetation as support.

The sheer variety of different colours and flowers available have made the Vuylstekeara orchid one of the most popular plants for the home and garden.

The Cochlioda, Odontoglossum and Miltonia genera were used to create the Vuylstekeara orchid and it belongs in the Orchidaceae family.

Care Tips
Vuylstekeara orchids need a high level of humidity and so often thrive in a kitchen or bathroom location where water steam is present.
One of the key mistakes is over-watering. Orchids should be watered when the soil dries, but they should not be allowed to dry out completely. After flowering, the orchids can benefit from drying out between watering for a month or so. Medium firm bark is one of the best potting options. Orchids prefer not to be in direct sunlight and like cool to intermediate temperatures.

Did You Know?
These orchids were created by pioneering Belgian horticulturist Charles Vuylsteke after he crossed several types of orchid.