Interflora flowers
  • Yucca

    Yucca plants can be found in hot climates, chiefly in North America, Mexico and parts of the Caribbean. There are many different varieties and they have a tree-like habit that means they can grow very tall. The Pueblo Indians utilise the yucca in food and use the leaves as paintbrushes for decorating native pottery. The…

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  • Zamioculcas

    Zamioculcas zamifolia – pronounced ZAM-ee-oh-cool-kass. Description It has strong, shiny elliptical leaves which are like tall, green feathers growing out of the pot, which give it a distinctly quirky appearance. The stalks are fleshy. Habitat Tanzania, Zanzibar Species Aroid family – same as philodendron and spathiphyllum (peace lily). Care Tips Easy to look after, it…

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