Interflora flowers


Pronounced ran-UN-kew-lus. The Latin name ranunculus means “little frog”.

They have tuberous roots and hollow stems and come in an array of colours including yellow, white, red, pink, orange, and and copper, with dark or yellow centres.

It is native to the Middle East, hence their alternative name ‘Turban Buttercup’.

This flower is a member of the Ranunculaceae family, which is also the family of the buttercup. Ranunculus is also a cousin of the Marsh Marigold.

Care Tips
Remove all foliage, recut stems and change water regularly. The stems are inclined to buckle. If you don’t want them curvy, insert a flower wire to keep them upright.

Did You Know?
In Asia mythology, a story tells of an Asian prince who gave his name to this flower, which grows naturally in swampy ground. The prince loved the open country and sang delightful songs in the presence of nymphs. He did not have the courage to declare his love to them and so after his death, he was changed into the flower with delicate tissuey petals which bears his name.