Interflora flowers

Freesia FlowerA member of the Iridaceae family, Freesia is one of the most common plants used in making bouquets to give out as gifts. Known for their light, alluring fragrance, much like roses, they’re associated with Valentine’s Day.

Freesias have funnel-shaped flowers which come in shades of red, yellow, white or even mauve. Their gentle pastel colours are one of the main reasons why they’re a mainstay of flower shops the world over.

Most species of Freesia are native to Africa, specifically the Cape Province region of South Africa. However, two species originate from north of the equator and reach as far as Sudan.

Freesia plants are usually available during the spring and summer months, although if grown correctly, they can last well into the autumn months.

There are 14 known species of Freesia, all of which are usually found in Africa, although they can now be seen in more northerly climates, including the British Isles.

Care Tips
To grow Freesia plants, you need to take a lot of care. The right time to plant the seed is usually between September and November. They require a large amount of sunlight and well-drained soil, and need to be watered on a weekly basis. When they finish flowering, easing up on watering is the best thing to do.

Did you know?
As well as being given as presents for special occasions, Freesia is also a key component in some perfumes and scented oils.