Interflora flowers

Eucharis flowerA genus of 15-20 species, Eucharis is a bulbous plan which bears a slight yet noticeable resemblance to the daffodil. They can be grown all year round, despite originating in warmer climates.

Much like the daffodil, it has a central cup. It’s adorned with an umbel of between 3-10 flowers, with a broad green stalk. The leaves are usually over 20cm in length, and at least 10cm in breadth. Many species are known for their sweet scent.


Eucharis plants are native to Central and South America. They’re often found anywhere between Guatemala and Bolivia, and are most prevalent in the Amazon rainforest and parts of the Andes.

They bloom most frequently in spring, summer and autumn, although they can sometimes survive mild winters.

There aren’t too many different species of Eucharis plants, but one or two are well-known. The most famous is perhaps the Eucharis x Grandiflora, more commonly known as the Amazon Lily. Eucharis Astrophiala and Eucharis Amazonica grow in parts of Latin America which are threatened by habitat loss.

Care Tips
It’s best to grow a single plant in a pot, which allows for greater individual care. They need watering regularly, and, although they’re evergreen plants, they can’t be left dry for too long. As for soil, a loamy mixture with one part peat and one part manure is required to help Eucharis plants reach their full potential.

Did you know?
A hybrid of the Eucharis and the related Urceolina has been grown, known as X Urceocharis.