Interflora flowers

Part of the wider Euphorbia genus, this plant shares some characteristics with the cactus, another, rather more well-known plant from Central America. It’s spiky, resilient and usually makes for a great pot plant.

Euphorbia-Fulgens is a spiky plant with a vivid orange and scarlet plume which is ideal for wedding bouquets. It has plenty of small orange bracts which last long into the winter in its native Central America.

The Euphorbia-Fulgens, like the rest of the Euphorbia genus, is usually found in Mexico and neighbouring areas such as the south west of the United States like Texas, Arizona and southern California. Other Euphorbia species can be found in parts of Africa.

Euphorbia-Fulgens can be found during most of the year, although they are most common during the summer, when they need warm temperatures to thrive. The fact that they’re available for most of the year is perfect for their use in wedding bouquets.

The wider Euphorbia genus has over 2000 species, 20 of which belong to the Euphorbia-Fulgens genus. Most species of Euphorbia-Fulgens tend to survive with very little water, but often need a lot of warmth to keep going. Most species also have spiny leaves that contain sap which can irritate should it come into contact with the skin.

Care Tips
Euphorbia Fulgens need to be in warm temperatures to survive even the mildest winters. Keeping them in a hothouse of some kind could be the answer. As for soil, they’re usually grown in sand, much like cacti, and need good, plentiful access to sunlight. As pot plants, keeping them indoors could be the solution, as they’re more likely to grow effectively at room temperature.

Did You Know?
In Mexico, they are often used as Christmas plants. They’re seen as more convenient than large conifers, and as they’re a local plant, they’re in plentiful supply.