Interflora flowers

Forsythia flowerA common spring flower, Forsythia is a plant which usually grows in shrub form. Forsythia shrubs usually grow between two and three metres in height and are widely regarded as being low-maintenance.

Its flowers are usually a bright shade of yellow, while its leaves are simple, sometimes lobed. The flowers usually have a short tubular shape, which mostly appear before the leaves.

Most species of Forsythia are native to Eastern Asia, although one particular species originated in South East Europe.

Forsythia is a spring flower, and its availability is usually between March and April. However, with care, it can last longer. Although it tends to grow to its full potential with full sun, it can grow in the shade.

The most well-known species of Forsythia is the Forsythia x intermedia, otherwise known as ‘Lynwood Gold’, which tends to grow upright more than any other direction, hence its suitability as a shrub. There are 11 species of Forsythia in total.

Care Tips
Being low-maintenance, you can plant it any time. As for soil, the best thing to do is plant the seeds in a well-drained, yet moist, variety. Unsurprisingly, Forsythia plants need sunlight, but they can also grow in the shade.

Did you know?
Forsythia was named after famed botanist William Forsyth, who helped to found the Royal Horticultural Society.