Interflora flowers

Trunks and trees

Plant species encompass a range of trees, shrubs, bushes and climbers and, with so much variety; it can be hard to pinpoint a specific one.

You should pay particular attention to the following tips to identify your plant:

  • Do the branches of your plant grow at intervals all the way up the trunk, or are they confined to just the uppermost part?
  • What is the height of your plant? Knowing this will play an important part in identification and help you estimate how much further it will grow.
  • Check the colour and texture of the trunk of your plant; is it woody and dark, or green and flexible?

Below are a few of the most common trees found in homes and gardens across the UK:

  • Yucca – Originally from Central and North America, this hardy plant has a firm, sturdy trunk with most of the leaves contained at the top.
  • Ficus lyrata – This tropical and subtropical plant has large, glossy green leaves with prominent veins across them, typically growing out of one central stem.
  • Schefflera – Available in golden varieties as well as green, this plant comes from New Guinea and north-eastern Australia. It was named in honour of an 18th century botanist and inventor.