Interflora flowers

Green house plants give your home a fresh and natural look and you can find them in all shapes and sizes, no matter how big or small your house may be.

The best way to identify your particular house plant is to pay attention to the shape of the leaves. Details like this can help you narrow down your search and make identifying your plant so much easier:

  • Does it have big leaves that start wider at the base and then taper off?
  • Are the leaves on your plant shiny with a waxy texture or are they matt and rough to the touch?
  • How many leaves does your plant grow, and are they spread out along the branches or clustered together?

Common plants with big leaves in the UK are:

Guzmania – The best known of this variety is the Guzmania lingulata, also known as the Scarlet Star as its flowers bloom in bright red and orange. The plant dies after producing flowers but cutting can be taken from a parent plant.

Clivia – Commonly known as the kaffir lily, this plant comes from South Africa and flowers from late winter to late spring. It usually produces orange, yellow and red flowers and has a faint, sweet fragrance.

Neoregelia – Native to the Amazon, this attractive plant is a member of the Bromeliad family which includes more than 1,400 known species. Its distinctive leaves are long and thin and are often striped with reddish colours.