Interflora flowers

Hummocky plants

Although it’s not a word you’ll come across a lot in your day-to-day business, hummocky is an important word to know when trying to identify a plant. Hummocky is the name given to plants that have a soft, rounded and ‘fleshy’ look – like pads or cushions.

When attempting to identify your hummocky plant you should keep in mind these top tips:

  • What is the texture and feel of your plant’s skin like?
  • Is your plant rough or smooth to the touch?
  • Are the leaves hard or soft?
  • Does it have filled edges or is it very circular?

Questions like this will help you to figure out your hummocky plant in no time.

The most popular hummocky plants in the UK are:

  • Echeveria – Originally from South America, this plant comes in a variety of forms, with many different common names, such as Ebony, Wavy Curls and Blue Heron.
  • Cactus – This plant gets its name from the Greek word kaktos, which means ‘prickly plant’ and some varieties are well-known for their very large and very sharp spikes.
  • Peperomia – From the pepper family, this plant includes more than 1,000 species worldwide and about 20 of those are often used as pot plants.