Interflora flowers

A bold colour that represents luxury and elegance, purple plants can fit in with any colour scheme and add a dramatic touch to any garden landscape. They come in many shades and tones, from pale lilac to a vibrant velvety rich violet.

Persian shield is one of the more striking purple plants available and its striking green/lavender leaf pattern is a really eye-catching. A number of plants have various different species in a number of colours and Oxalis is one of them. Typically green, this plant also comes in purple (Oxalis regnelli) and has distinctive triangular leaves.

Here below a list of purple plants by botanical name and common name:

achimenes, hot water plant
campanula, bell flower
cineraria, dusty miller
cymbidium, cymbidium orchid
dendrobium, dendrobium orchid
dianthus, pink
exacum, persian violet
gerbera, barberton daisy, transvaal daisy
hyacinthus, hyacinth
impatiens, busy Lizzie
kalancho√ę blossfeldiana, flaming Katy
passiflora, passion flower
pelargonium, geranium
phalaenopsis, moth orchid
primula veris, primrose
primula, polyanthus
ranunculus, turban buttercup
rhipsalidopsis, Easter cactus
rhododendron simsii, azalea
saintpaulia, African violet
schlumbergera, Christmas cactus
sinningia, gloxinia
streptocarpus, Cape primrose
zantedeschia, calla lily, arum