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Win a gift for Grandparents’ Day

Little Girl and GrandfatherOver the years the role of grandparents in the modern family has become more active than ever before, with 72% of UK grandparents taking care of their grandchildren on a regular basis. From passing on using money-saving tips to providing baby-sitting duties, grandparents are contributing an amazing £33 billion worth of care a year.

Grandparents’ Day was founded in the United States in the 1970s by Marian McQuade, a woman who campaigned tirelessly for a national holiday to recognise the hard work of all grandparents. Marian was inspired by her grandmother who offered help and support to other members of the community as well as her own family. Her campaign to establish a national holiday for grandparents everywhere was eventually recognised by the then President, Jimmy Carter, who declared Grandparents’ Day an official celebration. It has been celebrated worldwide ever since.

To enter Interflora’s competition and nominate your grandparents to win a gift for Grandparents’ Day simply visit their Facebook page between 3rd September and 5th October and tell them why your grandparents deserve to be recognised. It might be because they make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world or because they have given you so much support over the years– whatever the reason, Interflora wants to hear it.