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Gardening in autumn: what to do in October

Rowan berriesBy the time October rolls around, you may think that your jobs in the garden have come to an end. Well, don’t worry – there is still plenty to do outside before the cold weather really sets in. To help you out this month, we’ve gather our best October gardening tips.

Your main crop of potatoes should be ready to harvest now. Either dig them up as you need them or wait for a dry day and get the lot up at once. Just remember to pat them dry and store them in a dry sack or hessian bag and keep them in a frost-free place.

If you still have a fairly full compost bin, this is the time of year to give it a turn. This will ensure that you end up with even mulch that is warm and damp, rather than a soggy mess. Any greenery you’re trimming away now can still go into your bin ready for the spring planting.

If you garden is starting to look a little bland now that a number of your summer flowers have died off, it’s time to head to the garden centre and stock up. There are some hardy winter flowering plants that add a touch of colour to your garden, such as Rowan and Viburnum tinus.

Garlic, broad beans and Japanese onion are vegetables you can still plant at this late stage in the year. Follow the instructions for your particular variety and just keep a close on them if the weather takes a turn for the worse suddenly.

The Greenhouse
If you haven’t already done it this year, now is your chance to give your greenhouse a good clean before the bad weather sets in. When the busy spring period starts, you don’t want to be trying to work inside a messy greenhouse. As well as cleaning out the rubbish, give the windows and roof a wash too with a little detergent and disinfectant