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Gardening Tips: What to do in September

Daffodil bulbs ready for plantingThe seasons are beginning to change once again and, as the cooler weather sets in and the days grow shorter; it’s time to start preparing your garden. Taking the proper steps now will ensure your garden stays healthy and lush right through autumn and winter and into spring. So here are our top gardening tips for September.


Weed killer
It’s important to keep weeds under control in your garden, but it’s equally important to remember a few basic rules when using weed killer. Don’t use it on recently seeded areas, nor in very windy conditions as you risk it spreading uncontrollably and, finally, keep it away from ponds and sources of fresh water in your garden.

This is the best time of year to reseed your lawn. Give yourself plenty of time to research exactly how you’re going to accomplish this task and don’t rush. If you do it right now, it will last until next year.

Outdoor plants
Now is the time to bring any delicate houseplants back indoors. The weather is not likely to improve much during this month and some of the more sensitive varieties may as well be brought in now to protect them.

Autumn planting
There are still a few types of vegetable that you can seed in September, including beetroot, radish, turnip and leaf lettuce. You may have to keep a closer eye on them due to changes in the weather but they are hardly plants and should be fine with plenty of food and water.

It’s time to get planting your spring bulbs for next year. Most bulbs, such as daffodils, hyacinths and lilies, are best planted this month but you can wait until early October if need be. Give them plenty of room when planting and make sure the soil is prepared properly with compost beforehand.