Interflora flowers

Wedding anniversaries

Gifts of flowers and other presents are sent on certain wedding anniversaries to celebrate a successful and enduring marriage. The gifts are symbols of the happiness the couple shares and there are specific types of gifts said to represent each anniversary year.

Below we have put together a list of the official flower anniversary list, as well as a list of suggestions if you’re looking to send something a bit different.

1st Year
Gift: Paper
Offical flower: Carnation

2nd Year
Gift: Cotton
Official flower: Lily of the Valley

3rd Year
Gift: Leather
Official flower: Sunflower

4th Year
Gift: Fruit or flowers
Official flower: Hydrangea

5th Year
Gift: Wood
Official flower: Daisy

6th Year
Gift: Iron
Official flower: Calla

7th Year
Gift: Wool
Official flower: Freesia

8th Year
Gift: Bronze
Offical flower: Lilac

9th Year
Gift: Pottery
Official flower: Bird of Paradise

10th Year
Gift: Tin or aluminium
Official: Daffodil

15th Year
Gift: Crystal
Official flower: Rose

20th Year
Gift: China
Official flower: Aster

25th Year
Gift: Silver
Official flower: Iris

30th Year
Gift: Pearl
Official flower: Orchid

35th Year
Gift: Coral or jade
Official flower: Lily

40th Year
Gift: Ruby
Official flower: Gladolis

50th Year
Gift: Gold
Official flower: Yellow rose or Violet

60th Year
Gift: Diamond
Official flower: White flowers