Interflora flowers

Making the most of your green plants

Green houseplants make a wonderful addition to any home but sometimes they can be left to languish in a dark corner as they gather dust. With a little care and attention they can make a wonderful focal point in your home.

Presenting your green plants

Houseplants should be presented as part of your interior decorations – brightening up room or office – rather than simply something to stick on a shelf.

Containers can really make a difference to the look of your plant but before you start sticking your plants in any pot you have to hand, think about how it will look in your home.

Dracaenas can be planted into a simple, square white cube, giving a pleasing symmetrical effect that will suit most homes. Dracaenas do not tolerate over watering and can thrive under sparse light and low air humidity. This is the perfect plant for a home office.

The Sansevierias plant has dramatic vertical leaves and looks good planted in a chic glass cube. Add some colourful accessories, such as yellow sticks to accentuate the colours of the plant but also give it extra height and a designer touch.

Epipremnum aureum, also known as the Pothos, Silver Vine takes on a rustic quality when potted in a terracotta or ceramic pot. Earthly colours such as brown or russet suit any mediterranean style and a touch of gold on the container can really brighten up your design.

For the image conscious, a great way to display aloe vera is to wash the roots of the plants before attaching them with decorative pins to a soft willow bowl.

Another display piece that would be perfect for the office or reception are the Maranta and Peperomia plants. These look fantastic when planted into low, black, glossy containers then decorated with white sticks and yellow cotton.

Sticking with the minimal bold look, Muehlenbeckia plants are given a whole new status when planted together in a sleek ceramic trough. They are ideal for a north-facing windowsill of an apartment or flat and will suit the city dweller looking for something a little different.

Plants are good for you

According to the Flowers & Plants Association, scientific studies show that houseplants are proven to:

  • Remove harmful chemicals from the air.
  • Absorb noise and lessen dust.
  • Help hospital patients recover faster.
  • Lower blood pressure, help concentration and improve memory.
  • Promote feelings of relaxation, calm and wellbeing.
  • Make rooms look cared for and welcoming.