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January Gardening Tips

Wood varnishing a patioWith spring just around the corner and the longer days on their way, now is the time to get back out into the garden and start preparing for the coming year. There are a number of jobs you can get done in January that will get you ready for the months ahead and help your garden stay looking fresh and healthy throughout 2013.

Garden maintenance

Your garden will probably have been a bit neglected over the winter months so now is the time to have a tidy up and get it ready for spring. With weather permitting, tidy your lawn, clear away dead plants and get some fresh compost on the go for the coming year.

Check heaters

Regularly check the heaters inside your greenhouses and sheds if you have them and make sure they are still in working order. New shoots and plants can die quickly is there is a frost so daily checks are worth the effort. Very delicate shoots may benefit from being brought indoors if there is a particularly bad frost coming.

Prepare soil

If conditions allow, fork over the soil in your garden and clear out any weeds that have survived through winter. Turn in some good quality compost to help with drainage and clear out any piles of leaves remaining to the compost bin. This also gives the birds in your garden a boost as well as your flowers and plants as it uncovers a whole host of pests for them to feed on.

Treat wood

If the weather isn’t too bad, now is a good time to treat any wooden furniture or fences with wood preserve. It is worth checking patio furniture and sheds for rot as well as the sooner you spot it, the better it can be treated. For those tricky surfaces such as trellises and woven panels, you can now find spray on preserves that are just as effective as roller ones.

Plan your veg

Get ahead in spring and start planning your vegetable garden now. Think about what you fancy growing this year and do your research before you buy the seeds. Only grow things you know you are going to use and try to vary your selection to keep things interesting.

Indoor plants

With the colder weather we often have the heating on longer and hotter in our houses, which is great for us but no so great for your houseplants. Keep your plants away from direct sources of heat like radiators and water regularly. Poinsettias in particular can die quickly if not looked after and require watering weekly.