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Top Flower and Gardening Apps for Smart Phones

Horticultural apps for your smart phone are a great way to indulge your love of flowers no matter where you are. Help keep your green fingers busy with this straightforward guide to the top flower apps available on the market.

My Garden Lite (Android)

We could all do with our own personal horticulturalist from time to time to offer sage advice when our fingers are looking less green by the day. With My Garden Lite, that’s just what you get – your own handy garden expert in your pocket. This useful app prompts you with handy reminders for when it’s time to water, and also offers useful tips for keeping your foliage looking its best. You can even store details about all of your plants (including photographs), allowing you to keep on top of its needs.

Flower Garden (iOS)

Flower Garden is just the app for those who love flowers but don’t want to get their hands dirty. Using your smartphone, you can create your very own virtual garden – handy for those who perhaps don’t have the outdoor space required to grow a real one. Plant seeds, care for them and soon you’ll have beautiful flowers blooming in your very own slice of the Great Outdoors. To make the this app even more fun, you can also gather your grown flower into bouquets for your friends, delivered with a personalised card and details on how long they took you to grow them.

Interflora (iOS and Andriod)

The Interflora app offers you a selection of flowers, plants and gifts on the move, as well as a variety of delivery options. Available for both iPhone and Android users, this app is straightforward, easy-to-use and keeps the jargon to a minimum. The flowers are displayed with clear imagery so even if you can’t tell a red rose from a red chrysanthemum, you can still see exactly what you’re sending before you send it. And, as with the normal Interflora site, you can add a personal message to be delivered along with your bouquet or arrangement.

FlowerPedia (iOS)    

For the iPhone and its loyal followers, FlowerPedia is the ultimate encyclopaedia for the fans of flora. Packed full with over 2,800 photos of flowers and plants, you can search through the beautiful imagery at your leisure. There are even options to search by country, species, botantical relations and more. Alternative you can log on to the FlowerPedia community to share photos of your own flowers discoveries.

Gardens (iOS)

If you’re the type you likes to be in the know at all times when it comes to gardening, then Gardens is the app for you. Filled with a range of gardening hints and tips this app puts you one step ahead of the competition when the planting seasons come back around. Gardens is a video-app that guides you through all the basics for getting your garden in tip-top condition, offering inspiration on how to produce the most fabulous flowers. Featuring advice from master gardener, Rebecca Kolls, Gardens is ideal for users looking for a more hands-on approach to gardening tips.

All these apps are available for download from the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play store.

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