Interflora flowers

Top 5 care tips with plants

Taking care of a houseplant may seem like a daunting task but if you follow our quick guide to plant care, you can get started with confidence.

  • Remember the three most important things for a plant; light, food and water. You need to give your plant plenty of natural light, clean fresh water and the correct plant food for its species.
  • Check for any allergies in your home before you buy – some people are allergic to pollen, Aloe Vera and certain fragrances and you don’t want to spend money of a lovely plant, only to have to get rid of it later. Some allergies can be very unpleasant so think about other people living in your house before you buy.
  • Don’t buy lilies if you own cats. The pollen is toxic to them and if they get it on their fur, they will lick it off and make themselves sick. If you must have lilies, then get the stamens removed before you bring it home.
  • Think about the size of your plant – it may start small but how big will it eventually get, and will you have enough room? Small plants can eventually grow into trees so you may want to plan space in your garden beforehand.
  • Check your plants regularly for changes. They may be a natural process of your plant, or an indication of disease. Check it regularly for signs of wilting or discolouration and make sure you know exactly how much food, water and light you should be giving it.