Interflora flowers

How to buy flowers

Buying beautiful flowers isn’t always as simple as picking up the phone or wandering into a florist shop; it requires just a little bit of thought to get the most out of your arrangement. Follow Interflora’s top tips when buying flowers and you’re bouquet will last longer and look as wonderful as possible.

  • First of all, only buy from a reputable seller, whether this is your local florist or a garden centre; make sure they know what they’re doing.
  • It sounds obvious but check the condition of the flowers before you buy – wilted, dry or bruised flowers won’t last long.
  • Think about which flowers you really want for that specific occasion. If they are for someone else you should think of the person they are for in terms of personality and taste as well as the special event the flowers are for (a birthday, a wedding gift, anniversary gifts etc). If they are for yourself you should think of where you would like to display them: this will help you choose the right colours as well as those with the perfect fragrance for your room.
  • Talk to your florist – they know their stuff and can help you pick flowers that are in season or are particularly suited to your occasion.
  • House conditions and care – do your research and find out what your flowers will need once you bring them home. Certain flowers need specialist conditions or plant food in order to flourish, so make sure they will find a suitable place in your house or in the house of the person you are buying them for.

And finally, go with your instincts. Just because a particular flower is in all the magazines, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily what you’re looking for.