Interflora flowers

Flowers in music

Here at we love everything to do with plants and flowers and that includes music. We’ve put together our top ten favourite songs with ‘flowers’ in the title for you to enjoy. Just remember to pop them in your music player the next time you’re in the garden!

  • Flowers in the Window: Travis
  • Flowers: Ace of Bass
  • Last Flowers: Radiohead
  • Dead Flowers: Rolling Stones
  • Nothing but Flowers: Talking Heads
  • Waltz of the Flowers: Tchaikovsky
  • Flowers and Football Tops: Glasvegas
  • You Can Bring Me Flowers: Ray la Montagne
  • Flowers: Echo and the Bunnymen
  • Flowers for Zoe: Lenny Kravitz

We also found a few with plant themes which we just had to share:

  • Music for Plants: Mixel Pixel
  • Guitars for Plants: Mice Parade
  • Journey through the Secret Life of Plants: Stevie Wonder