Interflora flowers

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  • Gardenia

    The Gardenia jasminoides, or Cape Jasmine, is renowned for its strongly-scented flowers and was named in honour of the American naturalist Dr. Alexander Garden by Carl Linnaeus. Description This is an evergreen flowering shrub with thick dark green, glossy and rubbery leaves. Its delicate flowers are creamy-white and they have a very distinctive fragrance. Habitat…

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  • Gerbera

    Gerbera, also known as the African daisy, Transvaal daisy, or Hilton daisy. It is a flowering perennial plant related to the sunflower and attracts birds, bees and butterflies. It is also often used as an ornamental plant when deer are a problem, as they will not eat it. Description The stems grow from a basal…

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  • Guzmania

    Guzmania are evergreen perennial plants belonging to a plant group known as epiphytes. These are plants that grow on other plants in their natural habitat, rather than in the soil. Most varieties of guzmania usually grow on tree trunks but do not harm the tree itself. The plant is cultivated commercially, mostly as an indoor…

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  • Hatiora

    Hatiora is a species of cultivated ornamental cactus with commonly known varieties such as Easter Cactus, Whitsun Cactus or Christmas Cactus, depending on its flowering season. These plants are among the most popular varieties of cultivated cactus. Some varieties, such as Drunken Dream, have arched stems and are sold for hanging baskets. It is an…

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  • Hibiscus

    Hibiscus is a species of annual and perennial flowering plants, shrubs and deciduous and evergreen trees. Dried hibiscus flowers can be used to make a herbal tea that is a mild diuretic and can lower blood pressure. Description Hibicus has large, funnel-shaped flowers that range in colour between white, yellow, orange, pink, mauve and purple.…

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  • Hydrangea

    Hydrangeas are shrubs that flower in white, pink or blue in the summer and autumn. Their large, mop-headed flowers can change colour depending on the composition of the soil. Acid soil turns the flowers lilac or blue and while alkaline turns them pink. Description Hydrangeas can range in height between 1 foot and 10 feet.…

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