Interflora flowers

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  • Trachelium

    Trachelium, also known as Throatwort, form a striking visual effect when viewed en masse, often carpeting a clearing with a deep-blue or white haze. Named after the Greek word meaning ‘rough throat’, this flowering plant is a popular choice with florists for providing both texture and colour to an arrangement. Description Trachelium take the form…

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  • Tuberose

    The Tuberose, also known as Polianthes tuberosa, is a night-blooming. Because of its sweet, heavy scent, the Tuberose has a long history in the world of perfumery and has been grown in the south of France for centuries. Description The Tuberose does not bear any relation to the rose, but its name is said to…

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  • Tulip

    Associations with the song ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’ often connect this flower to the Netherlands. However, the flower and its 109 different species can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire. The Turks knew the tulip as Lale, but the modern name is thought to come from the Turkish word ‘tülbend’ meaning ‘muslin’ or ‘gauze’. This…

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