Interflora flowers

Flowers by colour

Flowers come in a variety of colours, with shades ranging from purest white to almost black. Their pigment can be affected by species, environment, time of year and diet so there is always plenty of choice when searching within a specific colour group.

From red roses on Valentine’s Day or white calla lilies at a wedding, colour has as an important a role as scent, style and shape. Every colour can evoke a different emotion within us and they can help improve our mood or give us a boost when we need it most.

Here you can search for flowers by colour and browse the various species of flower that you’ll find under that selection. Whether you’re looking for a loved one’s favourite colour for a birthday, or looking to cheer someone up, you’ll find the perfect colour right here.

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  • White flowers

    As a symbol of purity and perfection, white flowers, along with various off-white and cream shades, have long been associated with weddings and christenings. Brides traditionally wear white to symbolise their innocence and the clean white flowers can make a dramatic statement when arranged together. One of the most recognisable of the white flowers is…

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  • Yellow flowers

    Symbolically a gift of friendship and joy, a bouquet of yellow flowers can be made using a variety of flower species thanks to a wide choice of shades and tones. Look for yellow flowers in acacia, gladiolus and carnation species, as well as many more varieties and find shades ranging from pale buttery yellow to…

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