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Flower personality

Just as there are many different kinds of flower in the world; people have a variety of ways they can express themselves. Our personality shapes who we are and every day can be different when it comes to our moods and our outlooks on life.

For every change in your day, there is a flower personality to match. Whether you’re feeling bright and breezy or serene and reflective, we have gathered to perfect flowers to compliment your emotions.

Click on one of our selections below and find out how you can bring flowers into your home that can inspire, relax or rejuvenate you.

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  • Dare to wear flowers

    If you’re going to a party, why not create a unique and beautiful look by using flowers as stunning and individual ornaments. Fashion designers have long used floral patterns and prints in their garments, but real flowers are the best way to create a fashion statement. Which flowers to choose Baby’s Breath – Perfect for…

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  • Country-style flowers

    You don’t need a big home to create a garden and interior reminiscent of large country houses. The style tends to be a mixture of classical and modern, with flowers, trees and shrubs taking up any available space around the paths. Which flowers to choose Hydrangeas – These colourful plants produce huge blooms and the…

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  • Getting cheeky with flowers

    Flowers should be about fun and frivolity, as well as how they convey different emotions. There’s so much fun to be had – from choosing the best varieties for your home to arranging them beautifully. Mixing bright colours with green foliage can make for a really audacious bouquet. Which flowers to choose Orchids – These…

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  • Flowers that stand out from the crowd

    Big bouquets of flowers are statements of affection and can really make a lasting impression. You will certainly be hard pushed to find someone who wouldn’t be delighted to receive one. Which flowers to choose There are some flowers that work wonderfully in huge bouquets. Here are a few. Roses – 100 roses all tied…

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  • Fashion flowers

    Fashion is fun, so why leave it at what you wear. You can be fashion forward in every aspect of life, including the flowers you give. Giving flowers is hugely on-trend and there are so many reasons to do so – birthdays, anniversaries, as a thank-you, a well done or as a welcome gift. The…

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  • Say thank you with flowers

    A lovely gift for a hard-working host is a bunch of flowers. So if you’re going to a barbecue, garden party or drinks party, make sure you don’t arrive empty handed. Make sure, however, that you don’t take anything that will get in the way or will be difficult to look after and you need…

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  • Flowers for your home

    Flowers shouldn’t just be reserved for the conservatory or living room mantelpiece. There’s a place for flowers in every room in the house. Which flowers to choose • Tulips – These look great on a windowsill or mantelpiece. They come in a variety of colours and can be matched with your home décor. • Carnations…

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  • Flowers for every occasion

    There are so many reasons to send flowers. There are the obvious times, such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, but how about sending some simply because you want to show someone you care about them or perhaps to say thank you fore a kind deed. Which flowers to choose There are some flowers that…

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  • Exotic flowers

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  • Sweet scents

    The smell of flowers can make us remember a particular time in our lives, it can freshen a room or it can just cheer us up. Fresh flowers smell wonderful and the thing most people do when they first pick up a bunch of flowers, of course, is take in the wonderful scents. Which flowers…

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